Pass Your Canadian Citizenship Test

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Immigrate to Canada? How to Pass Citizenship Canada Test

Earning Canadian citizenship is not an easy task to do. The immigrants need to meet some basic requirements to get the citizenship in Canada. Well, any person can become a Canadian citizen by being born in Canada, in some cases, by being born outside Canada to a Canadian parent.

Getting the citizenship in Canada means you are a citizen in Canada till your death. In that case, the applicant should meet some basic requirements with a citizenship Canada test. To apply for a citizenship in Canada, one should be:

  • The immigrant should be 14-64 age, or a minor child of a citizen or applicant for citizenship.
  • The person should be a permanence resident.
  • The applicant should have lived in Canada for at least three years immediately before applying for citizenship.
  • The person should have a depth knowledge or English or French.
  • The immigrant should have depth knowledge of Canada, and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.
  • Last but not the least, the applicant not be prohibited from being granted citizenship only because of criminal record as he or she has under a deportation order or because they represent a security problem.

Basically, the citizenship Act allows the Minister for Citizenship and Immigration under certain circumstances to waive the requirements of language, knowledge and taking the oath. To get the citizenship, the applicant needs to be very conscious and knowledgeable as it is an imperative process of Canadian Government.

The whole procedure governed by the Canadian Govt. Before attempting the Canadian citizenship test, the immigrants should study hard, so that they can appear the test with success. To pass the test the applicant can repeatedly attempt practice test. The practice test will help the immigrant to know about the question pattern.

Moreover, if the applicant failed the citizenship test with a poor score, there is an interview will be scheduled with a citizenship judge. In this case, the citizenship judge reviews the application and the test to determine whether the applicant meets the requirements for citizenship.