Pass Your Canadian Citizenship Test

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How to Prepare for Your Citizenship Coaching Test?

Any individual who is applying for the Canadian Citizenship or retaining it needs to pass a citizenship Coaching test. The objective type of test evaluates the person’s knowledge about Canada and its total synopsis. If the person fails in the written test, he or she is called for an interview and given a chance to answer the questions orally.

Canada is a multicultural society that adds approximately 170,000 permanent residents as citizens. A routine application takes 15 to 19 months to get processed and it is a bit hard to get the citizenship. In that case, you need to prepare well to get through the process.

Eligibility Criteria : The first thing that you need to be clear about is eligibility criteria or requirements to earn Canadian Citizenship. Generally, the applicant must be at least 18 years old. When parents or guardians are applying for Canadian Citizenship for a child, there are some additional requirements required.

The application should have the permanent resident status in Canada for at least three to four years. The applicant must have the knowledge or outline of English or French and not have any prohibitions due to a Criminal History.

Now only marriage to a Canadian Citizen does not make you citizen. In that case, you need to first apply for permanent resident status and then for Canadian Citizenship. Now Canadian Law allows for dual citizenship as well. However, you have to follow some rules and regulations for that.

Citizenship Coaching Test : You also need to complete for Citizenship Coaching test. Any individual who is between the ages of 18 to 54 meets the basic requirements for Canadian Citizens can attempt the test. One who is applying to retain the citizenship is also needs to appear in the test. Objective of the test is to evaluate your knowledge of Canada. However, during the written exam or the interview, you have to answer questions about:

  1. Rights and responsibilities of a Citizen
  2. Elections procedures
  3. Canadian physical and political geography
  4. Canadian social and cultural history and symbols
  5. Canadian political history
  6. Canadian Government and other social aspects

An applicant needs to attend 20 multiple choice questions, each with four alternatives. The answer sheet is separate from the question sheet. The applicant needs to answer almost 80% of the questions to pass the test.

In case you fail the written exam, you will need to appear for an interview almost 30-39 minutes with a citizenship judge. You will be asked the test questions orally to give you another opportunity to demonstrate that you satisfy the requirements of citizenship. However, it is better if you get through it in the first attempt.

There are many people who have everything right for getting the citizenship yet they fail as they cannot perform in the best. A bit of study and research can help you to pass the exam. If you pass the exam and meet all the criteria for the citizenship test, you will be invited to the Citizenship Ceremony where you will take the oath of citizenship and receive a certificate of Canadian Citizenship.

Nevertheless, at the citizenship ceremony you accept all the rights and responsibilities of Canadian Citizenship. The ceremony is organized by a citizenship judge and many people take oath together.