Pass Your Canadian Citizenship Test

or your money back

Canadian Citizenship – Benefits

Once the applicant should have passed the New Canadian Citizenship test, he or she will be considered as a legal citizen in Canada. The applicant can apply for the passport as well. An applicant will get some major benefits such as:

  • The applicant will have the facility to work in all jobs or sectors
  • The applicant can get involved into the Canadian politics.
  • He or she can take participation on voting process.
  •  The candidate can easily travel anywhere from one place to another.
  • He or she will get social advantages.
  • The applicant will get counselor support.

Nevertheless, in order to get a permanent resident status in Canada, the applicant should live in Canada at least two years within a five year period. The Canadian Citizenship gives you the right to travel freely anywhere in Canada, as well as outside of this country whenever the applicant wants.